Liberated Arts: Focused Liberal Arts Classes

Liberated Arts: Focused Liberal Arts Classes

The Program

If you are outside of university and want to learn liberal arts, what do you do? You could read a book or join a book club, but there will be minimal guidance. You could enroll in a university course, but these courses will often be expensive and allow for extraneous pressures, like grades and requirements, that impede focused learning. You could even use Coursera, but you won't be able to interact with other students or an instructor.

We are trying to create small live classes that have more guidance than books clubs and more focus and flexibility than university courses.

Join Liberated Arts's first cohort where we will bring together passionate professors and students who are looking to learn for learning's sake.

For Students

  • Learn from our favorite teachers beside other students just like you.
  • No grades, no BS, just pure liberal arts. Learn without pressure.
  • Courses are interactive and online— join from anywhere in the world.

Classes With Open Enrollment:

The Great Speeches of American History with Christopher Tamburro

Patrick Henry, John Witherspoon, James Caldwell, Daniel Webster, Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Ronald Reagan are often considered great figures of American history. Each made an impact on their time and the future with their skilled and passionate oratory. The class will discuss the context for famous speeches, examine responses and opposing viewpoints by their contemporaries, and analyze what made each address a significant moment in America. We will develop a set of best practices for engaging, relevant, memorable, and transformative public speaking in order to give participants the tools to succeed today.
Christopher Tamburro's Biography

Dr. Christopher Tamburro has been an instructor of history, government, economics, and law on the secondary and undergraduate levels since 2008. He has been honored with several student-nominated awards for teaching and mentorship. Dr. Tamburro is an experienced adult educator, having taught courses for police, fire, and EMS agencies since 2002. He holds a doctor of letters degree with distinction in historical studies and fine art and media studies from Drew University. When not teaching, Dr. Tamburro consults on legal matters, contract negotiations, and political affairs for private organizations, politicians, and candidates. He was elected to serve as a Township Councilman in the municipality where he resides in New Jersey.

Poetry You Should Know with Pete Tamburro

Poetry elevates both our emotional range and our awareness of the creative ways poets have dealt with love, life, nature and death so as to help us in adjusting to those experiences as well as others. This class is an introduction to poetry with an emphasis on American and English poets. Students will be made aware of the greatest poets and their most famous creations, and, indeed, how the lines are referenced even today. Class content will be as varied as the sonnets of Shakespeare to the free verse of Walt Whitman or the passion of Langston Hughes and the outrageous fun of E.E. Cummings. There will also be an explanation in depth of the poets’ “tools of the trade.” An added treat will be a discussion with a teacher of music of the relationship between music and poetry.
Pete Tamburro's Biography

Pete Tamburro, B.A., M.A. T., is a retired award-winning teacher of 40+ years experience who has had achievements in a variety of fields. He has been listed in Who's Who in America for over 20 years and writes regularly for both American and British magazines.

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How long are the classes?

The classes will be twelve weeks, and 2-3 hours per week. Different classes will vary in scheduling structure, but the two classes above will be a single 2-3 hour seminar each week. Additionally, professors will host weekly office hours.

Who else is taking the class?

People who want to learn for learning's sake, people just like you.

When do the classes begin and end?

Classes don't have a finalized start date, but they'll run for roughly twelve weeks and start the week of October 24th.

How much does each class cost?

While private university courses cost thousands of dollars, our student tuition will be on a sliding scale from ~$250 - $800. We encourage students to pick what they think the experience is worth. 100% of tuition paid in the first cohort goes to our professors.

How can I engage with the material outside of class?

Each week will have highly recommended "homework", plus optional exploratory materials and assignments. Students may submit assignments to solicit feedback from their professor.

Where will the classes occur?

Online via Zoom.

Are these courses accredited?

No! This course is only for people who want to attend, even though it is not accredited.

Will the classes be graded?

See the previous Q&A.

Has this been done before?

No, you get to be part of something new.

Will any other classes be offered?

If this test goes well, yes! You may sign up below for updates on future courses.

I have questions. How can I contact you?

  • Email Jerry Ye at or Chris Lakin at